Friday, May 21, 2010

Musings Moratorium: Mugwump on the Move

Good evening,

I am in Cloverdale, Indiana. Tomorrow we will be closing out Patrick's first year at DePauw. The fog lies over the valley between us and him; he is doing laundry at Hogate Hall; and saying goodbye to those lingering for Sunday's graduation at his fraternity, SAE, and its sister sorority, Kappa. We ate at Marvin's tonight; and tomorrow we will share breakfast at the Hub with Prof. Andrea Sununu, who has been his most appreciated freshman advisor. We will then load the rest of his belongings in the Saturn and head to St. Louis for an evening of Corley-merry-making with my brother Frank and his family. On Sunday, the prodigal son will return home, to his epileptic Beagle, his old, crabby girlcat, and Pablo, the toughest black cat in Brookside.

The Musings will be delayed; but when they come, perhaps they will prove worth the wait.

Happy trails, from

Your Mugwump-at-large,


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